Hypertouch provides custom Internet services including remote monitoring, maintenance, backups and upgrades of computer systems around the world. We offer turnkey website development and hosting, email and DNS services, E-commerce and E-conferencing, online ordering and credit card services, and very personal hand-holding for those people and businesses new to the Internet. In addition Hypertouch is developing next generation computer peripherals -- if you thought the mouse was a cool idea, wait just wait 'til you see what's up our sleeves.

Legal notice of email policy...

First and foremost:

NO UCE. No spam. Hypertouch Inc. servers are located in the states of California and Maryland which hav a number of laws prohibiting spam...
The sending of any unsolicited email advertising messages, unsolicited bulk email advertising messages and all other forms of email abuse are to Hypertouch.com, Hypertouch.net or other domains owned, hosted or managed by Hypertouch Inc. are expressly forbidden. If a domain's primary DNS servers is one of Hypertouch's servers, e.g. dns1.hypertouch.com, then it is pretty obvious we own, host or manage it. In addition to other penalties including those given below, such messages will result in the imposition of civil liability against you in accordance with Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code Section 17500 et. seq.

Second: opted out email addresses

Though bulk emailers often adopt opt-out email tatics, asking users or ISPs to explicitly and manually request removal from mailing lists, such practices are illegal and immoral. It is also widely recognized as ill-advised to even attempt to opt-out of a bulk emailerís list because that often simply guarantees the wider distribution of the address in question now that it has been confirmed as a live one. Nevertheless, in an attempt to limit some amount of undesired email, THE SENDING OF UNSOLICITED EMAIL ADVERTISING MESSAGES, UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL ADVERTISING MESSAGES AND/OR ALL OTHER FORMS OF EMAIL ABUSE TO ANY OF THE EMAIL ADDRESSES IN THE HYPERTOUCH.NET DOMAIN, INCLUDING ANY SHOWN ON THIS PAGE IS EXPRESSLY AND EXPLICITLY PROHIBITED. THE SENDING OF EMAIL TO ANY OF THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES CONSTITUTES AGREEMENT TO PAY HYPERTOUCH INC. $2500 PER EMAIL ADDRESS USED PER MESSAGE.

Letís be quite clear: NONE of these email addresses have been nor should ever be "opted in" to ANY email list.

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